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3 tips on how to re-hash

3 tips on how to re-hash or “recycle” old content to make them into new creatives

Oct 1 2020 | Digital Marketing, Small Business, Marketing Strategies

If you are a business, entrepreneur or maybe a blogger… coming up with new contents to post out there is time consuming, exhausting and isn’t that easy.


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5 Ways to Support Small Business After Quarantine

Jun 21 2020 | Digital Marketing, Small Business, Marketing Strategies

For a couple of months, the nation has been on a halt. The shut down and stay at home order, caused a lot of small businesses to suffer.  But don’t fret !! After months of uncertainty, small businesses finally get to re-open ( hallelujah!)..


What To Do!! A Guide For Small Businesses During This Covid-19 Pandemic

Apr 8 2020 | Digital Marketing, Small Business, Marketing Strategies

During this pandemic and with the stay at home order in place, the most stressful thing for an entrepreneur or a small business owner is the idea of how to keep their business afloat. Less foot traffic means less business, less …


Small Business Marketing Strategies with Covid-19

Mar 15 2020 | Digital Marketing, Small Business, Marketing Strategies

Given the current environment with the Covid-19 outbreak, we at C3R Innovation and Marketing and Social Media Boss Biz, are looking into ways for small businesses to navigate through this tough times…


How having a Website affect your Small Business

Nov 19 2019 | Digital Marketing, Website Design and Development 

As a small business, you must come up with a marketing strategy that is EFFECTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE. You don’t have a “big” budget …


3 Benefits of Blogging for Business

April 8 2019 | Digital Marketing, SEO

I bet you have heard the word blogging by now. But, what really is blogging?  And most importantly why is it beneficial for businesses?

Let’s start off with learning more about what blogging is.


Updating and Maintaining Your Business Website. 4 Reasons Why It’s Important!

June 15 2019 | Digital Marketing

Why It’s so Important to Update and Maintain your Website CONSTANTLY!

As the one who goes out and meets with clients and talks to our existing clients in a daily basis, I always end up …


How to be a CEO at SEO for Small Business

April 23 2019 | Digital Marketing, SEO

3 Ways to Improve your website’s SEO.

There are so many ways to increase a website’s SEO ranking, but as a small business ourselves’ these top three ways are what, I believe, the most helpful for us …



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