How having website affects your Small Business

by Catrina Rodriguez | November 19, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Webiste Design and Development

As a small business, you must come up with a marketing strategy that is EFFECTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE. You don’t have a “big” budget as most big companies have when it comes to marketing their brand. So, you go down your marketing list, you check it twice, cross out the once who would cost you a high price (see what I did here?!). Then, you realize you don’t have a website. As a small business, you contemplate if having a website is still the way to go or if you can just market your brand in other marketing platforms such as social media.

Well… let us give you THREE REASONS why having a website will help your small business!

Nowadays, online presence is vital for a business, and to be successful whether you are in an online or brick-and-mortar/in-store business, having a website is a must. The website will be essential to the business and serves as one of your employees that will support all the digital marketing efforts.



Yes, they do!! So, it is very important that you give a good first impression. According to forbes, a recent study published by Bazaarvoice validated that consumer’s shopping behavior that shops in-store are greatly influenced by online research. It shows that 82% of smartphone users refer to their phones on their purchase before going in-store and 45% read reviews before purchasing a product or service. Thus, having a professional website will create an online presence to the now growing digital world.


Every type of communication made online whether it is a content saw on social media or an ad, it usually brings consumers back to your website. This is why having a website is important because your consumers can have somewhere where it gives clear description of the business, the brand, what it is about, and even services that you offer.

Whether you use social media marketing, email marketing or pay-per-click marketing to reach and engage customers, you need to have a place to send them to convert!! Bottom line… you have to send your consumers somewhere for them to get to know your business and see if they would be willing to invest in your product or service.

       Last but definitely not the least…


You might be thinking “cheaper?? When building a website will cost me thousands of dollars?” that is not all true. Building a website should not cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. Depending on the pages of your website or layout, you should be able to get it at a fair price or build your own for free. Bottom line is, you can reach a larger pool of audiences with your website for less rather than sending out those mailers or brochures in the mail. Think about it, you have to print out mailers and brochures, then send them out which all cost money- and if you do it on a monthly or weekly basis, THOSE THINGS ADD UP!

At a minimum, have a landing page for consumers to go to and learn about your business. But, also remember that you don’t want to crowd all info and services you offer in one page and make it look unprofessional.

All in All, having a website is still a great marketing tool for small businesses!!!


With the love of marketing,

Catrina Rodriguez ?

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