How to be a CEO at SEO for Small Business

by Catrina Rodriguez | April 23 2019 | Digital Marketing

Three ways to improve your website’s SEO:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strategy or technique to increase traffic to your website through organic search results. Increasing SEO means increasing the likelihood of your website to come up on search engines or what they call Search Engine Ranking.  

There are so many ways to increase a website’s SEO ranking, but as a small business ourselves’ these top three ways are what, I believe, the most helpful for us and I want to share it with other small businesses as well.

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  1. Keywords…Keywords…Keywords

You might have heard that keywords to optimize SEO is obsolete.  The truth is keyword isn’t dead, but the old way of thinking is.  Using the right Keywords are still as effective and important for your website to rank in search results, just know the right keywords to use.

For example, C3R Innovation and Marketing is a Digital Marketing Company that caters to small businesses in Los Angeles, CA and Montana. What do you think the keywords that we use on our website for SEO? … You guessed it right! Keywords like marketing, digital marketing, Los Angeles, Montana would be some that come to mind.

Using keywords for your website should not just be what’s the obvious. You are probably wondering… What is she talking about?? Well What I’m talking about is using keyword research tools (most of them are FREE).

For example (another one!!) we are a digital marketing company for small business and startups whose services include blogging, social media management, graphic design, and many more! So, you want to incorporate all these keywords so when someone searches for “graphic design in Los Angeles”, guess who is going to rank in search results. 

Always make sure that you update and broaden the keywords on your website as it increases the likelihood of your website to rank in search results.


I honestly do recommend including a blog on your website. Read my previous blog about how blogging can benefit small businesses here. Blogging really does help with SEO, why? Because blogging has the most content in a website that you can integrate all the keywords necessary for your website to rank up on search engines like google. 

Here are some of free keyword research tools you can look at: 

  • Google My Business 
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Google Trends 
  • Google Correlate 
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder
  1. Make Sure No Technical SEO Issues.

Another way you can improve your search ranking is making sure that there are no technical SEO issues with your website.  You are probably wondering… WHAT?? REALLY?? HOW??

One way to find out is checking your website indexing. It is important that your website is indexed properly… HERE’S HOW TO CHECK:



If it shows less or more indexed pages, it can affect your analytics. So, it is vital to know if search engines indexed your website and indexed it the right way because, if it’s not, it won’t appear on search results. 

  1. BE User Friendly! 
  • Faster means Better (Page-load Speed)

Don’t you hate it when you go to a website and it takes forever to load up, so you end up just closing the website and moving on with your life? Surprisingly enough… a lot of websites have a slow page load speed and they don’t even realize that it affects their business, BIG TIME! 

Companies such as Google and Bing consider the page-loading speed of a website when it comes to their ranking algorithm. It makes total sense! when a website takes forever to load up, users may end up leaving instead of waiting even just a few minutes for it to load up (affecting your bounce rate BIG TIME!!). So, it is important to check your websites load-up speed as it affects your DWELL TIME as well, ultimately affecting your SEO ranking (higher SEO ranking= a happy business).

  • You should Dwell on it (Dwell Time)

Wait.. what is Dwell time? And How does this affect my SEO? 

DWELL TIME is the amount of time a website visitor spends on your website. Basically, the longer they stay the better your SEO ranking will be. But how do I make them stay longer on my website?? (well aside from your website’s page-load speed) CONTENT.. CONTENT and CONTENTWhen a website provides users of useful content, visitors tend to stay longer on the website which in return increases SEO ranking. Blogging can be one useful content you can add on your website that visitors will be interested and end up staying longer on your website… AGAIN increasing your SEO ranking.

There are so much more ways you can improve your SEO ranking just by making sure that your website is user friendly, but I think these two are, to me, the top reasons (personal experience). I can talk more about them on my next blog!!

Hope these helped you understand what you need to do, as a small business, to increase the chances of your website to rank on those search results. Look, we just want your business to thrive!! ?


With the love of marketing,

Catrina Rodriguez ?

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