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Who we are?

The C3R is established by three sisters whose skills, talent and vision are to help clients of all industry improve online presence, increase web traffic and building relationship with new clients.

Meet the C3R Sisters

Graphic Design Portfolio


The Graphic Design Expert

Catalyn designs everything from logos to flyers. She took photography as a hobby back when she was an architect in the Philippines but took it seriously and is now our product photographer. She is the oldest of the sisters, likes to watch tv on her downtime, doesn’t like raw food (yes.. even sushi). She might not like sushi, but she is our graphic design expert who specializes in Autocad, Revit ,Sketchup and Adobe Photoshop to name a few.

Website Design Portfolio


The Website Design Ninja

Catherine is our tech ninja that is in charge of coding and designing all our client’s websites. She does graphic design and always up for the challenge when dealing with misbehaving websites. She is the middle sister, loves coffee and turtles. She served for 10 years and was deployed in Iraq back in 2010. She not only have Katana (Japanese sword) in her arsenal but also has the technical and design skills to include WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.


The Strategist and Marketing Guru

Catrina is our customer success manager, she will be the one you meet first when you connect with us and talk about your project.  She is our project manager, strategist and marketing guru. She is the youngest sister, a marathoner, trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but can’t say no to rocky road ice cream. When it comes to analytics, social media platforms (you know.. facebook, instagram and twitter to name a few) and content creation (blogging included), she is the expert!