Three Benefits of Blogging for Business 

by Catrina Rodriguez | April 8 2019 | Digital Marketing

I bet you have heard the word blogging by now. But, what really is blogging?  And most importantly why is it beneficial for businesses?

Let’s start off with learning more about what blogging is. Well, blogging is basically free writing or an online journal. This is where writers or bloggers can share their views on certain topics and also where people can display information or experiences on a particular subject or product.

Now, let’s look at why blogs are beneficial for businesses.. here are three reasons why:

  1. More than half of consumers decide to purchase a product after reading a blog.

To be exact 61% of consumers who are in the informational phase, which means they are doing their research and learning more about a particular product then end up actually purchasing the product (transactional phase…this is the phase you want consumers to be at!) after reading a blog.

  1. Inexpensive way for small businesses and startups to get their product/brand out there.

Blogging is a digital/online marketing tool that most businesses use due to its inexpensive yet effective way to drive traffic to their site and attract perspective clients. So inexpensive that all you need is a computer and someone who is a blogger or knows how to blog. Just remember that when blogging or finding someone who will blog for you that they use the right keywords to help with SEO. I know… you are asking “what the heck is SEO?” It’s Search Engine Utilization.

Once you have a computer and a blogger, then you are good to go.. blog away without breaking the bank!

  1. It drives more traffic to your website.

As I have mentioned in our #2 reason, blogging is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. How you may ask? Well, let me ask you … how do you think google and other search engines know what’s in a website (the content… I mean)? The answer is definitely not magic!!

So, like google, “bots” or “spiders” are sent to “crawl” on your website. These “spiders” task is to learn more about your website and the content it has. Once they gather all this info, they send it back to google and that’s how google knows what your website is all about. Therefore, using the right keywords and having more content about your product/brand, that optimizes your website,  increases the likelihood of your business to rank in search results.

Now I want you to go look into your website. Which section has the most content? If you do not have a blog, then you are definitely missing out on the opportunity of people searching for your website organically (you know when people search in google “best taco places in Los Angeles” – that’s organic searching online!)

Hopefully these three reasons gave you more insight on why it is so … actually super beneficial for businesses- big, small or startups to start blogging!

With the love of marketing,

Catrina Rodriguez ?

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