Updating and Maintaining Your Business Website.

4 Reasons Why It’s Important!



by Catrina Rodriguez | June 15 2019 | Website

Why It’s so Important to Update and Maintain your Website


As the one who goes out and meets with clients and talks to our existing clients in a daily basis, I always end up with the issue of business owners (small business or large business alike) not understanding that updating or maintaining their website constantly is a necessity…or IMPORTANT! Now, I’m not going to lie and say that it doesn’t concern me … because it does! As a digital marketing company, we truly care about our clients and try to educate them the best possible way we can.

So I thought to myself, if I can educate those that I know then I can educate the world.. one blog at a time! So, I decided to write this blog in hopes to educate businesses out there.  Hope you have a good read! (oh and while you are at it give us a like on our social media platforms so we know you read this blog 🙂 )

Here are 4 reasons why you should update and maintain your website CONSTANTLY:


1. Search Engine and Ranking

So by now, you know that search engines like google send “spider bots”, or best known as bots, to your website in a consistent basis ( if you didn’t know… now you know). Why? To spy on your website!! JUST KIDDING! They do this for indexing, to see if you have fresh or updated content and to see if your website is not a “dead” entity. Dead Entity?? Yes, you read it right. It’s when your website has an old and outdated content, so bots think that your site is nonexistent, and in return will shove you all the way down when search rankings happen.

Also, updating your website means fresh content which gives you the probability of higher indexing (which I mentioned earlier). I underlined probability because newer content doesn’t always mean higher indexing. However, with consistent updates and newer contents, search engines are more likely to visit and check your website which in return means higher search ranking.

At the end of the day…this is what you need… higher search ranking for possible clients or customers to easily find your website when they are searching on online.


So most of us have heard about hackers and websites getting hacked. Just like back in 2017, Sears alerted their customers of a “security incident” which resulted in up to 100,000 people having their credit card information stolen. This happens with thousands of companies, small or big, every year. Which is why security is an integral reason to consistently update their website. Failing to do security updates or any software patches up keep will give hackers the opportunity to steal any data in their website.

3. Don’t waste your customer’s time (load time)

Everything these days are about efficiency and speed. Just like when you go to restaurants and the wait time is more than 20 mins or so… you definitely would turn around and say “forget I’m hungry and I’m not wasting any damn time waiting”. Same with your website, it is imperative that you grab the attention of your site visitors within seconds after they enter your web address. If think about it, everything wouldn’t matter (good content, good theme, etc.) if your website takes ages to load. Even google understands the importance of website loading time that they actually reward websites with fast load times. How?? By putting these websites higher on search rankings. Basically, fast load times=higher search rankings = good for your business! As there are many reasons why website load times slow down (image sizes, hosting, theme, plug ins, updates) there are also ways to prevent these from happening. Optimizing your website is very important in improving speed times. Also updating and maintaining your website constantly will also prevent from your website loading time to slow down.
Optimal load time: 3 seconds

4. Last but not the least… Give your audience a reason to keep coming back!

It’s pretty much self-explanatory that’s why I’m not going to go in detail with this fourth reason. But, you definitely want people to keep coming back to your website for something new. This will also increase your search rankings. Basically, the more you update your website, they more your audience is engaged with your brand and want to learn more about what your brand can offer.

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